Friday, 24 April 2015

Light Fail

The very nice son of Nice Mr Former Neighbour installed the lights and did a very good job.  There were some issues, so I was glad I hadn't had a go myself.  Apparently some of the wires were not quite as they should be - but I knew that anyway.  We had had issues years ago with one of them.  So now we have lovely new lights in two rooms.  But the lights are too small.  It looks smaller than the measurements, if you understand what I mean.  I could cry.

It doesn't matter.  I'm still keeping them.  They cost a massive amount (for me) and I am not replacing them for at least ten years.  And they do look good.  They look small and good.  I would rather they were too small than too big.

I miss our neighbours.  There is now only a box from a lorry on the street.  Actually there is also a huge pile of junk in their former garden, two small cars that belong to a friend )and goodness knows what will happen to them) and a large lump of flytipping that I think my lovely former neighbour is going to get framed for.

The courgettes are still going.

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