Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bear is Surprising

Bear surprised me as after lobbying for a new scooter he offered to pay for it!  Well, some of it.  Actually quite a big bit of it.  We got it from the Entertainer (whose service was awesome) and it looks like this

Then bear was discussing his maths homework.  I am unimpressed by the homework.  He has to arrange twelve shapes that are funny sort of arrangements of blocks to make a rectangle.  Bear suggested he went on Google Images for a clue.

Afterwards DH and I worked out that as bear normally would just say 'Google' or look it up on YouTube he has probably had a look.  At least once.  I am trying hard not to just let bear get away with cheating as it is sort of research, shows initiative and it's stupid homework anyway.  If I had ever been set it, I would have just taken the detention, I wouldn't know where to start.

For the record, after some research on Wikipedia, the dratted thing is a Pentomino.  It starts off looking like this

And is supposed to end up looking like the 5x12 example in this

Both above images from Wikipedia and the full article is here.  Tomorrow is homework day.  It could be very long.

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