Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Realistic Attempt

I decided to have another go with sewing, as bear seemed to be completely engrossed in a YouTube Video about Pokemon.  I have a book called 'Patchwork Bags' (acquired during a low moment).  I had a look.  It was full of patterns that needed webbing and fusible interfacing and and wadding.  I decided I may need to work up to that.  I then pulled out a 'Sew a Metre Book'.  This was more promising.  There still were mentions of interfacing but it seemed nearer to what I could possibly manage.

My first challenge was the pattern sheets.  There were four sheets for the book, all contained in a small envelope.  It looked a bit like this.

I carefully disentangled the four sheets, cut out the pattern for the very basic bag and tried to fold them up again.  I had an epic fail and it looked a bit like this.

I will never be able to get the pattern sheets back into the envelope.  Fortunately I have some envelope files stashed from other things and a remarkable supply of pillowcases that I sort of acquired so I should be able to keep it all together.

I very carefully cut out the pattern piece, ironed it, ironed the piece of duvet cover I was using (the nice teacher at the sewing lessons said that it needed to be aligned to the selvedge but it's a bit of old duvet cover that has been washed beyond knowing so I skipped that bit), pinned the piece to the fold, carefully cut out the fabric, twice, as required and then bear was BORED!!! and also devastated that the friend that was supposed to be calling hadn't called, and I couldn't raise the friend on the phone.  We had a heavy duty cuddle and now we have watched five minutes each of the Lego Movie, Scooby Doo, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I have hopes that we may make it to ten minutes on the Power Rangers.

Tomorrow I hope to not only sew the bits together but also come to terms with bias binding.  I also hope bear will be in a better place.  Poor lad was beside himself, and as he has been on the edge of something horrible and green nosed for a while so I just hope it either passes or breaks.  I have more heavy duty cuddles on standby.

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