Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bear Again

It hasn't been a good day so far.  I'm bracing myself to go out and water the plants with plant food even though we have had icy rain, hail and a very cold wind.  So I was unimpressed when I found that bear has a tear in his jacket.  It is the first jacket I have ever bought for him new and the first one bear actually bought in a shop.  It cost £9.

I have no idea how he has managed this, and allegedly neither does he.  And now I am in a dilemma.  Do I send him to school in a torn jacket?  I'd probably end up reported. As it is the trousers he wore this morning were creeping north towards his knees and I need to keep an eye on that.  Do I force him to wear the one he dismissed as 'too girly'?  To be fair, it is a bit girly, quite big on him and the zip is iffy.  Do I buy another one?

This coat is five days old.  I am unimpressed.

I know what father would say - buy bear a new jacket and father will pay.  I suspect that DH will rightly say that bear has just ruined £9 worth of jacket and will need to live with it.

I think it comes down to whether I can bear the shame of bear wearing a torn jacket while other mothers look at me in the playground.  Several of them judge.

Of course, the perfect punishment will be to take bear shopping for the jacket himself.  Bear doesn't like shopping.  He looks at shopping like most people look at being hit repeatedly over the head with a half brick.

I have just had an evil thought.  Bear is spending the weekend with his auntie.  His auntie loves shopping, I mean, she really loves shopping.  I am a very limp amateur compared to her.  If I give her a budget I am sure she will find something for bear.  And bear can be there at the sharp end, trying things on.

I won't give in to this temptation.  Auntie shops at Harvey Nichols.  I definitely don't have the budget for that, £9 was more than enough.

You can get stick on patches.  That is bound to be less than a new coat and possibly less judged than a tear.  I shall go and do some research with my friend eBay - and any suggestions very welcome.

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