Thursday, 2 April 2015

Busy Night

Last night I dreamt that Social Services had come to take bear away.  Bear was wandering in and out looking fine and they were telling me he was fine.  However I did have to keep explaining the strange men wandering in and out who I didn't actually recognise.

Then I was dreaming we had missed our bus stop and ended up in Norway (it seemed logical in the dream, could happen to anyone).  We had a bit of a look round and then went to get the bus back and I couldn't find bear.  He had gone missing and I was going frantic.

I was very relieved when the alarm went off.

We are about to start the two weeks holidays here.  There are bound to be times when I am ready to wring his neck.  I think I shall hold on to how I felt during those dreams and give him a tickle instead.

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