Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Looks Like Gardening

Not only has my Approved Food order just arrived, but I have also just taken delivery of a Rosemary Tree.  It is a bit bigger than I expected.  I now need to clear the area where I want to plant it.  I had a little go earlier and I filled three bin bags far too easily.  I wish I knew someone who used compost.  It seems a shame.

Speaking of which, we have hostas.  I don't particularly like them and they attract slugs, which are already over-running the garden.  They ought to be re-potted.  I don't want to re-pot them.  I do not want to go through the whole soaking/tipping/lugging/compost/pushing/soaking thing.  I feel I will be a bad person if I get rid of them.  They were given to father.  I am considering getting rid of them anyway.

I should also have already got the seeds in for the Psychedelic Salad and Funky Veg kit.  Oops.

I ought to get things spotless for the playdate, but I'll just have a quick shuffle round and try and work on the garden.  The end of the week doesn't look good so I need to get the seeds in while it is briefly warm.  I also need to get the other herbs I want.  I don't trust myself with seed and I can't get to a garden centre easily so I think I will have to order from Amazon.  I can't really lean on my friend eBay at the moment as parcel deliveries are difficult and Amazon will deliver to a local post office.  I am out a lot visiting father and we don't have a neighbour to leave parcels with anymore.

Father wants to come home.  He thinks he will get better at home.  I think that medically it is insane.  If he came home he would never again have a shower (physically not possible to sort out in our house), he would struggle to get to a hospital appointment and he would never otherwise leave the house.  He is becoming more and more frail and needs (according to social workers and health professionals) 24 hour medical care.  If he came home I wouldn't be able to take bear to the Maths Tutor.

So I am going to think about gardening.

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