Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shopping - Epic Fail

First there was the batteries.  I ordered AA batteries from Tesco, and they were substituted.  They said AA on the form but just a different brand, but they actually gave me AAA which won't make the mouse work.  In fact I don't think we need AAA for anything.  Darn.

Then there were the t-shirts.  There was an incredibly reasonable deal for t-shirts, @ £2 each for plain, wash, tumble, drip, line dry basic t-shirts.  I got a selection because I thought it would take bear through.  Not only that, I thought cheap t-shirts on eBay are likely to be a bit on the small size so instead of getting 7-8 I got 9-11.  Bear isn't very small for his age, I would say he was a little tall so I thought it would be safe.  Bear just looked at me when I unpacked them and held one up against himself.  He could wear it as a dress.  Double Darn

I caved and got the fusible stiffener.  It's supposed to be 'iron on'.  That would be fine if I could work out which was the sticky side.  The problem is that both sides seem equally shiny.  I think it will be a case of trial, error and spray on adhesive.  Triple Darn.

To cheer myself up, here is a link to the Buzz Feed set of pictures showing Cats that Have Made Poor Life Choices.  I think my favourite is No 7.

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