Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nearly May

It is nearly May.  This makes it worse when I look out at the sunshine, fill the watering can and then step out into freezing rain.

I've put most the herbs randomly into the flower bed around the rosemary tree.  this includes a small rosemary that came with the bundle.  I shall keep the little one for cooking so I can cherish the rosemary tree.  I already had the garden mint in the big pot, so I shall add the black peppermint and the coriander to big pots as well.  I have heard about mint and as I know DH loves coriander I want to be able to cosset it a little.  There is still a danger of frost, but hopefully we shall escape the worst before the tomato plants I have ordered appear.  I sort of dug a hole in the earth/coir/compost mix and shoved them in with a little press around it.  I also gave them a water, despite the rain, as I felt I ought to.  In this street that counts as Royal Horticultural Society standards.

The great big huge leaves at the right are from bulbs father planted and which I haven't got the heart to lose.  They are between chives and thyme so I'm confident I won't get them confused.  It is all rather random but I am desperate to get them in and my leg is really sore.

Bear has floated the idea of buying a jacket out of his own money.  He is also okay with the idea of a patch but when I was scrolling through (who would have thought patches would be under 'Collectables' on eBay?) he spotted a patch showing the crest of Lannister.  This is from the Game of Thrones.  My view is that no matter how lovely and dramatic the nice lion on the red background, school would think even less of a Lannister patch than they would of a torn jacket.

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