Friday, 1 May 2015

Bear Resists the Shop

My sister in law has asked if bear would like to stay the weekend with them.  Bear thinks that this is an awesome idea, and is all for roughly thirty six hours of full on spoiling.  I dug out his bench jeans, shook out some shirts and t-shirts and bought some much needed undies and pyjamas for bear.  I got this lot from Matalan (who do really good kids clothes)

Image from Matalan

Bear does not wear slippers.  Every now and again he promises me he will wear a pair that look particularly smart - then loses them.  The only way I will get bear to consistently wear slippers is to nail them to his feet.  I couldn't find any I liked in Matalan.  This meant shopping in town.

Bear negotiated hard.  He really does not enjoy shopping.  He is very clear on this.  However as the frozen pizza I made for him turned out to be raw and burned (I am still having issues with my oven) I promised him a subway.  This was a start of a protracted negotiation that ended with us not being able to find any slippers for boys at all in three shops.  Then we had to rush to get to fencing.  Bear is still without slippers and I just hope his auntie won't judge.

Bear has had his third session.  He still likes it.  I suspect he particularly likes posing with a sword in his hand but he is an eight year old boy so that is allowed.  I hope he continues.

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