Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Actually, not that busy, but getting a little movement.  Yesterday I felt poorly so today was the mammoth trek.  I dragged bear to school, caught the bus into town, bought the magnifying glass that father wanted in Boots, got lost in the shopping centre (well, they had closed the down escalator and I had a bit of a time working which shop I could cut through), then waited for the bus to take me to the click and collect.  Unfortunately it is right outside a charity shop so father is better off by three shirts and a contribution to the British Heart Foundation.  I collected the booty, dragged it back to the care home, visited father (still not well) and now I am home.

I was not tempted by the candle shop.  On Sunday I bought a 'woodwick' candle.  It is supposed to have a gentle sound of flickering flame.  Dear heaven it's loud!  It was like someone had tuned a radio to the static between stations and turned the volume to eleven.  It was deafening.  Obviously having spent money on it I will be continuing to burn it, and it does smell very nice, but I'm not getting another one.  They look like this, smell divine and are not for those with sensitive hearing.

They really do smell gorgeous.  I also received a new cable to  charge my phone.  I had been putting it off as it is apparently incredibly technical.  However the old cable looked like this.

Josie your comment made me laugh.  I did do a sock check this morning, but all was as it should be, including bear complaining bitterly.  I am not looking forward to secondary school.

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