Monday, 11 May 2015

A Generous Household

Poor DH was poorly yesterday.  Bear has been complaining (but he always does).  Now it is my turn.  My bones ache, my throat is sore and I feel thoroughly fed up.  I daren't visit father, as he is getting frailer by the day at the moment.

This has left me feeling unwilling to do much, so I have had a good chat with my friend eBay.  I haven't actually bought anything, but I did find the perfect present for DH for father's day.

I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow, regardless of aches and pains.  I have to pick up a click and collect parcel from Tesco near Roundhay Park, which is a great excuse to wander around the park.  Actually, the way I am feeling I may just about manage a stagger around the Tropical House, but it's the principle.

I am relatively pleased with the parcel.  Of course, all bets are off until I actually see it, but I got a flyer through the door on a £10 off £40 spend on F&F clothing.  I had a bit of a browse because there are a few oddments that I could do with picking up and I thought I would see if there was anything on there.  I was quite pleased.  I got a much needed light weight jacket for DH (which I hope looks as good as the picture!).  I also picked up some shorts for bear which leaves him sorted until Autumn as far as clothes are concerned and some trainer socks for me.  So I got £10 off, an excuse to go out somewhere nice while I am not fit to visit father, clubcard vouchers and 2% cashback from TopCashback.

The weather forecast isn't brilliant, so I probably won't get to see the castle.  It will still be good to go out.

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