Saturday, 9 May 2015

It Didn't Bounce

I dropped a pyrex jug today and for once it didn't bounce.  It was quite a shock as I'm not used to pyrex breaking.  It went everywhere.  It's unfortunately in company.  I had to include three extra dishes in the order that came today due to continuing breakages.  I suppose I could say that I am having a smashing time.  I think I am becoming a lot more clumsy as I am continuing very tired.  It would certainly be cost effective to get more sleep if I stopped smashing stuff.

We still have a pint and quart pyrex jug in the cupboard, so I am not rushing to add the jug to any shopping order.  I think I will miss it though, I am always using pyrex jugs to heat soup/baked beans/milk etc.

To be honest it has been a bit of a fail day.  Everyone is full of cold and we were once again mortified by bear.  Saturday morning is when the piano lesson takes place and we listen to him lying about how much practice he does.  I don't think the tutor is fooled, but I still can't meet his eyes.  Bear has also managed the classic, 'I'm not kicking the football in the study, I'm just pushing it with my foot'.

Mind you, we are cuddled in, chilling and watching a documentary, taking it easy with a candle lit to warm the room and feeling very snug.  Things could be a lot worse.

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