Saturday, 30 May 2015

Terms and Conditions Apply

As Wean said about the coupons, there are always terms and conditions and coupons are quite strict in the UK.  There are also always terms and conditions with bear.

Yesterday bear utterly rejected the attack snack I had reluctantly bought for his lunch as it had cheese in.  This morning he was wolfing the same attack snack, complete with cheese, as if he hadn't seen food for a week.  This evening bear made a decent dent in the pasta bolognaise, although he claimed that he was completely against any onions.  He ate them anyway.  Terms and conditions definitely apply to bear's food preferences, particularly the part which states, 'may change without notice'.  I just go with the flow.

Actually I was pleased with tea.  For the first time ever I got a decent yellow sticker deal!  Normally I come across the yellow sticker deals where there is perhaps 10p off a £3 pack of meat, and it is never worth it for me.  Today I got some very nice bread at half price, some hovis seeded sensations and some fancy Morrisons bread.  I can't eat it but bear and DH very much enjoyed it.  I also managed to pick up two small packs of button mushrooms for 19p instead of 65p and a small pot of grapes, strawberries and blackberries for bear for 65p instead of £1.29.  I think that is the best result ever, but I will be calling in again next Saturday.  I only called in more or less by accident as it is a small convenience Morrisons near offices.  On Saturdays they are very, very quiet and I suspect I may be able to get some serious deals on stuff I actually want.

I also felt quite good because the bolognaise had basil, parsley and some oregano snipped from the garden.  They are not up to a lot of pruning yet, but I am quietly confident.

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