Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Still Normal

Thanks, Wean, it's good to know I'm not alone.

As for the patchwork, well, normal for me.  I decided to try on a bit of the old duvet that has already given me lots of practice.  I did okay on the cutting out.  I measured the 6.5cm squares and while I wasn't exactly square, it was okay.  I sewed together the rows of four squares and pressed them out, and I was pleased with that as well.  In the past I haven't pressed seams accurately, they've gone to one side or sort of folded under, but this time they looked fine.  Then I tried to fit the strips together.

I couldn't do it.  There were no 'work in progress' pics and I couldn't follow the instructions.  I was supposed to sew together four strips of squares along the edges and end up with points, and I gave up after a few minutes.  It ended in the bin.  I am sure an experienced quilter would have worked it out, but it was a bit beyond me.  I was looking at the mini bunting, but I can't work out the instructions on that either.  I shall not give up, though I may do some knitting today.

Whatever I do I shall have to work through the volume of bear's YouTube viewing.  He complains bitterly about noise anywhere else, but his viewing volume is ridiculous.  At one point DH sabotaged the speakers to keep the volume down.  Unfortunately bear found a quiet channel he was really interested in, so they had to go back to standard, which means that the current crop of interests are well broadcast.  Yesterday evening we were watching a superhero movie on a dvd.  Bear was watching a YouTube video about how to make garlic mushrooms in the next room.  Father always used to say that bear had been here before, and I do sometimes wonder what he is going to be like when he is older.  As long as it is happy, I don't care.

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  1. oh what a shame you binned your work.
    I often make patchwork items that aren't accurately line up, I like the random look (fortunately)
    roughly translated means I don't have the patience to make a piece that has to 'conform' or be perfect.