Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I Don't Know Who To Vote For

I honestly don't know who to vote for.  I suspect in my safe Labour seat it is a bit of a moot point, so I could vote for anything really.

As ever, I don't fit comfortably into any party political slot.  I'm not particularly one thing or another.  If I had a decent local MP I would probably vote for them regardless.  It all seems such a muddle that if someone is elected that will fight for our constituency then it doesn't seem to matter what party they belong to.  However the current MP is a bit limp.

I am going to vote.  I am going to turn up and put a cross against a name.  I have considered spoiling the ballot - saying that I am exercising my right to vote but that I do not agree with any of the candidates - but that seems a bit unfair.  I seriously, seriously urge everyone to vote and to vote early.  Remember the dreadful scenes when polling stations closed before people had a chance to cast their vote?  The more people vote then the more likely that people are going to get a less unreasonable representation.  I think that 'less bad' is the best we can hope for.  However if voting withers away then I suspect we will not have 'less bad' but 'dreadful'.

When DH was at Uni one of the student groups elected the pinball machine as its president.  Outraged the student council insisted that only living things could be elected.  The next year they elected a duck.

This year it's the sort of election where the duck could make a surprise showing.

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