Thursday, 21 May 2015

Will I Ever Learn?

I think the short answer is 'NO!'  I ought to re-title this blog 'Epic Fails, Day to Day'.

I bought a book.  It is a nice book, and has pretty pictures.  It was £9 and is called 'Patch!' (the mini book) and is by Cath Kidston.  I bought it in the Cath Kidston Shop but you can get it on their online store.

I thought I would just look at the pictures, and while I probably will only look, there are some tempting ideas.  However I may sort of adapt them.

One of the ideas is to use hankies put together to make a bedspread.  The hankies look lovely.  You sew them all together and sew them to a sheet (I haven't checked the details and I'm sure there are more complicated steps) and it looks lovely.  It really does look amazing in the picture.  For a nice, large bedspread you need 25 hankies.  I checked on the website.  Each hankie on there is £8.  That is, eight pounds sterling - for one hankie - that you use to blow your nose.  I needed to do some sums.  Twenty five hankies at £8 each is £200 (which incidentally would buy over 300 boxes of Tesco Everyday Value Tissues).  The smallest version suggested uses 15 hankies, a mere £120.  That is, before you buy the backing sheet.  To be fair, the hankies from Cath Kidston are 50cm (or 22 inches) square, which is a lot of (really, really, really nice) fabric.

There is a tablecloth pieced together from tea towels.  It looks stunning.  All the tea towels are from Cath Kidston, £6 each.  There were twenty four in the example in the picture.

The ideas are gorgeous, though, and I think I will have a quick word with my friend eBay to see if there are substitutions available.  If I actually get around to doing any of these ideas I think it will be money well spent.

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  1. The last lot of cotton men's handkerchiefs I bought for hubby were £5 for ten at the Banbury Steam Fair. I suspect the trader makes the rounds all over the country. I'm sure you'll get something suitable and cheap. There should be some good second hand ones available as well.