Monday, 18 May 2015

Busy Morning

It is the first week day of DH's holiday.  Quite reasonably he asked for a lie in.  I was happy with this, because although I had booked a Tesco order for between 9 and 10am I knew that I could get back from dropping bear off if I hurried.

Then I got an email.  My Approved Food order was being delivered between 8.56am and 9.56am.  This was not so good.  Bear's school day starts at 8.55 prompt but they hardly ever deliver early in the slot and I thought that, with a bit of luck and the driver knowing my routine, that I would be fine.

I got bear up, fed him, sat down at 8.10am and jumped out of my skin when the phone went.  It was the rat catcher, and he wanted to come this morning, in about twenty minutes time.  I had to wake DH as there was no way I could manage possible deliveries plus rat catcher and get bear to school on time.

DH was actually quite happy to take bear to school while I tried to straighten stuff.  The rat catcher arrived and listened and had a look.  While he was busy taking pictures of the flytipping over the other side of the road and explaining his position the Approved Food order came.  Apparently the rat catcher can do nothing because there isn't any trace of rats actually within the property.  All the empty houses may be a problem as the whole area is infested.  As there is a small stream just a few yards from the house, a lot of rough ground, some very suspect sewers and six places selling food within 500 yards I wasn't surprised, but I wasn't happy.

Then the Tesco order came and there was a problem.  The driver explained that there was a problem with the system.   I had to send back six loaves of bread and some rather interesting looking sauces.  He had no idea who they should belong to.

The courgettes are failing fast but on the bright side the herbs have gone from this

taken on the 30th April, to this taken today

And the morning after that wasn't too bad.  We called in to see father who is failing but wanted four more bottles of white wine to hand out.  Tomorrow should be easier.

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