Sunday, 31 May 2015

I Have Been Writing

Morgan - I have a shedload of ironing still, but enough done to cover tomorrow.

I am so glad you can go back and re-read The Forgotten Village (for anyone reading who may not know, The Forgotten Village by Lyssa Medana is an ebook available on Smashwords and Amazon for a very reasonable amount).  That is an incredible compliment.

Actually, yes, I am about 30,000 words into the next in the series.  If you dip into Mumsnet there are often spam posts with people offering to cast spells to ensure success in love.  They are a scam.  However I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if they worked.  Would it be a happy ending, or bitter sweet?  How would the dynamics change?  And what if it was in a world with vampires, werewolves, boggarts and paladins?

Incidentally, in the Forgotten Village there was an independent shop (no experience of that) and a neat freak (really not me, I am the complete opposite of neat freak).  In Digging up the Past I wrote about an archaeological dig, and I couldn't spend archaeology.  I've dug myself into a hole again.

After that it's a High Fantasy novel about, well, that would be telling.  Thank you for your comment.  It gave me a massive boost to know that it's worth re-reading.  And for those who haven't dipped into my book, a linky...

Available at Smashwords and Amazon, and I am so proud that I managed this.

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  1. My book on Smashwords is selling, it's a serious topic though, details on my blog if anyones interested, but I was wondering how you managed to sort out the US tax exemption problem ? I've sent details off twice now, and they still say they haven't got the information they want but won't tell me what it is !
    How have you done this please, I'd appreciate some advice.