Sunday, 3 May 2015

It's Stopped Raining

It's stopped raining.  I really ought to go out and water the courgettes with liquid fertiliser as they are looking very peaky indeed.  My leg hurts.  The courgettes may have to wait until tomorrow.  That is not just because of my leg (which will still be very painful tomorrow) but because there has been so much rain that further liquid, no matter how nourishing, may drown them.

Bear has come back from his visit to his Aunt.  He is exhausted, pumped with sugar, primed with goodies and absolutely adamant he isn't tired.  He isn't TIRED!  He told us this lying on the arm of an armchair barely able to lift his head.  Sometimes he seems such a big lad, and sometimes I am reminded that he is just a young boy.

I can't leave without a pic.  I was tempted to show the huge pile of sweeties, the new clothes, the dvds, the crisps, or possibly the havoc he and other small boys have happened on the carpet with an innocent tube of Pringles after bear got home.  Instead I have taken a photo of a rose that has just come out in our garden, rather to my amazement - the first rose of the year!

To be honest, taken from a distance it looks more like this, but it is still a lovely surprise.

I hope we get plenty this summer.

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