Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bear and Trousers

This weekend bear was asking whether he should wear shorts.  I was unimpressed by the idea.  The weather wasn't warm.  'What about the jeans in the drawer?' I asked.  'They don't fit.' bear said firmly.  So I got him to bring them down and try them on in front of me and DH.

Several were a bit big, though not as big as bear was trying to paint them.  He wanted me to magically get his bench jeans dry, which I couldn't do in the few minutes he wanted.  Then there was one pair that bear announced were too long.

'No they're not.' I said.  'If you held them up to your waist instead of the top of your legs they'd be fine.  Try them on.'
'They're too small.' bear announced.  'I can't get them over my hips.'
'Try unbuttoning them.' DH suggested.
'They're still too tight.' bear was getting fed up.
'Try unzipping them.' I said.
'These are amazing.' bear pulled up the very skinny jeans.  'I love them.'
'The bench jeans will be dry soon, Do you want to change then?' I asked.
'No, these are brilliant.  They would be perfect for climbing.'
'Why?' DH was baffled.
'Because they're really tight.' bear danced around the room.
'Why does tight jeans make it easier to climb?' DH persisted.
'Because it makes it easier.' and bear ran out of the room to carry on with his computer.  He is now wearing the skinny jeans at every possible opportunity.

I can't wait until he's a teenager and fashion conscious.

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