Thursday, 14 May 2015

Green Hair

Hester, that reminds me of my sixth form days.  You could get spray on colour then (you probably still can) and I rang the changes every weekend and every opportunity I could sneak it into school.  I think I went every colour except pink.

I repeatedly remind bear about things like homework and uniform because he is eight.  At the moment I plan to very much leave him to it once he gets to secondary school, within reason.  So he will always have uniform available and space to do his homework, but the buck stops with him.  I will probably not be terribly tough when he first gets up there, but it's my aim.

That woodwick candle, the one that is really loud, smells gorgeous.  What's more, the scent has lingered for nearly twenty four hours without being overpowering.  I am considering getting another one, in the fullness of time, but perhaps with ear defenders.  I was looking at this

It looks like it would be noisy, but I love the idea.  It's the nearest I'll get to an open fire for a while.

Tesco are doing a 'buy 3 and get the cheapest one free' on selected gluten free stuff.  It doesn't include my favourite oatcakes, but I have already had a delivery with a dozen bags of pasta and I plan to get a dozen more delivered.  The sales seem to be about six months apart, so I am going for it.  The delivery driver blinked a bit, but I saved £12.80 on that offer, on stuff I would use anyway.

Speaking of sales, I called into Sainsbury's on the way back from visiting father and got a printout for 80 Nectar points if I spend more than £2.25 on gluten free stuff (and I need some of those oatcakes, two packs should do it), £2.25 off my next spend of £15 or more (large bottle of rum and the oatcakes should do that), and triple Nectar points on my next shop.  So I'll call in there tomorrow.

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