Thursday, 28 May 2015

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

We went to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular and it was AWESOME!

We saw it at the First Direct Arena in Leeds which is huge.  I had no idea what to expect.  What I didn't expect was that I would be frozen.  I was really cold and I was wearing a sweater.  However I had such a marvellous time I didn't care.

What was even more important, bear had the most amazing time.  The show didn't start until 7:30pm and we normally start bear's bedtime routine at 7:00 so he was just on pins at the idea of being up so late.  It was basically a musical concert with the BBC Orchestra of Wales but with Doctor Who music and monsters creeping around during some pieces.  The music was amazing.

Bear was pretty good, and was only scared when the mummy from the last series started dragging itself around.  He was a bit miffed when they started playing music and showing clips from the last Christmas Special with Santa Claus.  Peter Davidson asked if we believed in Santa, and one small child younger than bear shouted out 'No!'.  I was unimpressed and so was bear.  The child was nearly within slapping distance and when he was menaced by a Cyberman later I was tempted to tell the Cyberman to do its worst.

Bear didn't get to bed until 10:30pm.  He will be beside himself by teatime, but it was very worth it, and it is half term.  I would really recommend it.

I didn't take any pics, though we got a phenomenally over priced programme (£25 for a t-shirt!  I don't think so!) and so I had a look on Wiki Commons and it is surprising how many Doctor Who pics there are.  I thought this was amazing.

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