Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Socially active

I did my first volunteering session at the Food bank yesterday.  I had to take bear along as it was half term, but he happily played on the laptop, popped to the (incredibly near) shop for biscuits and was no trouble.  It is odd.  I enjoyed it, it was nice to meet and talk to people who aren't bear or DH but it is sad that it is needed.  

When the laptop ran out of charge I sent bear to buy a comic or magazine.  He bought the one that had the best plastic tat on the front and didn't bother reading the contents.  This is why he doesn't get a regular magazine.  It was quite good being able to send bear to the shop.  It was about ten yards away, is ran by someone who was at his Christening and there are no roads to cross.  It's part of bear growing up.  I've been a bit canny about him visiting shops as previously I stopped him going with the kids who were shoplifting.  Yesterday was safe.

Wean - I just junked it because I didn't really have the energy to work out how to match it all up.  I think it should have sort of twisted, but I couldn't work out how.  I'll try something more straightforward next.

I also went out for a walk with a friend and her massive, daft, darling alsatian yesterday evening.  I had a great time and we had some serious gossip going on.  It's the most socially active day I've had for literally years.

Today is a quiet day.  Bear is very happy with that.  

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  1. Well done! Hope that there is more of this on the agenda - sounds like you enjoyed your day xx