Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I swear if I murder bear it will be because of a pair of socks.

My sister in law bought bear a pack of stripy socks, some with Batman on them.  I have no problem with that.  Bear wears them in bed.  That's more or less okay, but he can't wear them to school.  School are very clear and stripy socks are banned.  

I can understand that bear finds it a bit frustrating.  He has complained that other kids get to wear stripy socks and trainers to school, which is true.  I support uniform in general and  I also think that it is as good as anything to help bear get the idea for senior school.  The school we hope he will get has incredibly strict uniform rules.  So I don't care what the other kids do, bear goes in to school in black school shoes and plain black socks.

Except today he didn't.  I only spotted the stripes on the way home.  I was not impressed but bear is unrepentant.  I am going to have to do sock inspection every morning.  I didn't think I'd have to do checks for that for a few years yet.

If it wasn't for the antibiotics I would take to drink.


  1. Uniform woes, my daughter tells me she has the longest dorkiest skirt in the whole school :)

  2. One of my daughter's dyed her hair green, assuring me that school would be ok with it, they weren't but she had to suffer the full wrath of the headmistress, not me.