Friday, 8 May 2015


I am too ashamed to post a pic of bear's desk and the surrounding blast radius.  One of his pals were around last night and added to the issue.  Bear takes after me and isn't neat.  However the drift of crushed Pringles and crumbs have made me want to cry.  Also there have been ants.  Given the grazing habits of numbers of small boys and my lack of cleaning over the last week I am not surprised.

So that's my job today.

My leg is very sore.  I am on my second lot of antibiotics.  I am very tired.  Father is unwell and I am worried.  Bear is being a complete drama queen about a minor cold and tonight I once again come face to face with the awful spectre of his homework.

However the sun is shining, and while the courgettes may be dying the radishes are sprouting.  I know I'll feel better if I start moving.  I found this picture on WikiCommons and I thought I would share as it made me smile.

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