Monday, 25 May 2015

Normal Day

Well, normal for me.

I think the courgettes have died.  One has definitely gone to the great compost heap in the sky, the other two are looking a bit frail.  Apparently courgettes are easy to grow - I wish!

I tried a new recipe for frittata.  It sort of worked okay.  It wasn't very filling, though, so I think I will try other recipes in future.  It also reminded me of exactly how appalling our oven is, with singed and raw side by side.  I am seriously considering getting another mini oven.  However it was rather fun to make it with herbs from our own garden.  I felt very proud snipping the mint.

It was interesting making it in the kitchen.  At the moment the kitchen smells like a hospital as I thought it would be a good idea to put 'a few drops' of tea tree oil in the dehumidifier as I was worried that it was getting a bit dusty.  I got a bit carried away, though, and tonight's dinner of China Chilo is smelling lovely as it cooks, but is a bit overpowered by the oil.

We fed the ducks on the way back from visiting father, and I was a bit concerned.  This is supposed to be the reservoir and where the overflow from flash flooding goes.

Last time it overflowed was a few years ago, but I remember the water half way up the telephone box at the side of the road.  It wasn't just a trickle, it was a real torrent and there were two floods, six months apart and one house has never been lived in since.  To my inexperienced eyes the place looks like it should be dredged.

Now I am off to try some patchwork.  Bear disapproves of me using a sewing machine, and I rarely have a chance in the evenings.  But I thought I would try something little and just hand sew.  I have hand sewn curtains 90 inches wide and 76 inches drop by hand, so something using pieces of material 6.5 cm square should be easy, right?  At least it is practice in cutting and pressing.  Wish me luck!

Bless - thank you for your kind words.  Bear does indeed keep me on the hop.  I wouldn't change it!

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  1. I too have problems growing courgettes. I didn't grow anything last year but the year before I had 4 plants and no fruits. This year I have 5 plants, in the conservatory because it's still too cold to put them outside, they have buds on just turning yellow, but no sign of any developing fruits.
    I'm going to take a chance and put them out soon and protect them with something 'cloche-y'.
    Good luck with the patchwork, would love to see pics.