Sunday, 17 May 2015

Man and Boy

Yesterday we were menaced by a dead rat in the street.  Bear was watching the rat's remains with interest.  'Wow!' he said.  'That crow is standing guard over the dead rat.'  I think this sort of gruesome fascination is perfectly normal from an eight year old boy, especially as he was watching from a safe distance through a window.

To be honest, I'm all for kids accepting that nature is red in tooth and claw and where do they think their burgers come from.  However at this moment I didn't feel like working through the stages of rat dismemberment and crow arguments, so I was very relieved when DH took charge as the man of the house and got the rat on a shovel and threw it over Matalan's fence.  I have had a long talk with my friend eBay and some sonic rat scarers are on their way.

I'm missing having a cat.  There is a lovely one that has been sleeping on a mattress dumped in next door's garden.  He (definitely a he) is completely black, completely composed and completely aware of how handsome he is.  A cat would be no good against a rat but I would have appreciated the cuddle.  I went out to get a picture and he gave me a very offended look, a mouthful of swearing in cat and stalked off, offended.  I hope he hadn't eaten sick rat as his back legs looked a bit stiff.  Or it could have been kipping for hours on a mattress in a south facing garden.

Bless - lovely to 'see' you, so glad you stop by.  

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