Sunday, 10 May 2015

How Much?!?

Poor DH is really poorly.  He's coughing, aching and generally run down.  I nipped into town to pick up supplies.  First there was Boots for heavy duty painkillers and cough suppressant.  After that I called into Wilkinsons to pick up an Ant Trap, and while I was there I found something that would deal with woolly aphids.  I should be able to attack them tomorrow.  Then I called in the nearest place that sold bread for DH to have his medicinal toast.  It happened to be Marks and Spencers.  I picked up sandwich ham, a loaf, some grapes, some snacks, lucozade for poor DH who is really suffering and salad for bear and I for lunch.

I found the M&S shop remarkably reasonable.  The sandwich ham was inexpensive, the grapes were cheaper than Tesco and I plan to gorge on the salad that was reduced.  Even the lucozade was a reasonable price, especially compared to the local shops.

Unfortunately I called in to the most wonderful candle shop ever to pick up a scented candle for DH in his room.  Poor lad is in bed and feeling low, so a small scented candle would be just the ticket.  And I just got carried away.  Two small Yankee Candles in jars, one small votive candle and one medium wood crackle candle.  I even signed up to the loyalty card.  I ended up here.  It's got things like this.

They even take PayPal on the website.  I staggered away from there wincing a little at how much I had spent, but knowing I would enjoy every flicker.  At least I resisted the copper candle snuffer - I have a weakness for copper and it was a close call.  I nearly couldn't carry everything to the bus.

I think I have found the ideal place to work a reward programme.  If I do x or y then I can indulge in a candle, secure in the knowledge that I will use it up.  In fact it is something I really, really love but usually can't justify getting.  I consider this a result. 

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