Sunday, 31 May 2015

What Have I Missed

Bear has actually done his homework.  I told him I was refusing to remind him, that I didn't like the stress and it was now down to him.  This is a little unfair on an eight year old, but (don't tell bear) the school are actually quite chilled about the homework and I could not face another marathon hissy fit.  As it was, DH reminded him when I was out and bear finally did it.  

I have school uniform ironed for tomorrow and PE kit (apart from the jogging bottoms, but I can scrabble for them easily enough).  I know where bear's PE bag actually is, which is an improvement.   I have a work shirt ironed for DH.

Not only that, the lunch money is in bear's book bag and the consent slip and payment for bear's school trip.

So apart from the jogging bottoms, what have I missed?

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  1. Certainly sounds like you have it all under control! I have the ironing to attack tonight whilst I am watching the final of Britain's Got Talent. I have been reading The Forgotten Village on the kindle this weekend - still love it second [or third?] time through. Will have to see what I did with Digging up the Past. Any more in the pipeline??