Saturday, 23 May 2015

Bear Has Looked in the Mirror

Sarah - thank you!  I meant to give you credit for inspiring me to look in the last post, but forgot as bear was happening.  I think I will have a bit of a rummage around that sort of seller - it makes things more fun and is a great idea!

Wean - you give me too much credit.  At the moment I am challenged by cutting out and pressing accurately.  I am confident I will get there with practice, but I have given up my sewing class as father needs more visits and bear disapproves of me sewing.  I'll have a chance after half term.

I was mulling over my friend eBay and the possibilities of handkerchiefs as bear was getting ready for bed.  We were all sat in his room for his story (currently reading 'Wings' by Terry Pratchett) when bear dashed back into the bathroom and came in with slicked down hair.  He announced it was his new hairstyle and it had only needed a bit of soap.
"Have you put soap in your hair?" DH asked suspiciously.
"No!" Bear said indignantly.
"Let me smell your hair." DH said.
"Yes." Bear said.  "But it was just a bit of soap."

Apparently lots of lads in bear's class use hair gel.  He is eight.  Since when did eight year old lads use gel?  I was holding out on this sort of thing until bear was old enough to buy his own hair product.  As bear gave me names of the eight year old boys in his class using hair gel, and I thought about it and as at least one of them has had gelled hair since Reception, I decided it wasn't the usual, 'but mum, everyone does [insert activity that no parent in their right mind would allow]'.

I still can't get over the hair gel.  I mean, he's eight.  I have never used gel in my life.  Still, if it was gel or liquid hand soap I thought I may as well bite the bullet and I added Tesco Everyday Value gel at 15p for a pot.

I am definitely holding out against Lynx until High School - I hope.


  1. I think you have a brilliant sense of humour - it seems to get you through everything.

  2. Your son keeps you on your toes, doesn't he?