Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Courgettes Look Poorly

The courgettes are looking very poorly and I am thinking of how best to give them a feed without drowning them.  Everything else is looking okay.

A parcel came from my quite good acquaintance, Amazon.  Because I am usually out visiting father or taking bear to places I have grumbled and arranged for a delivery to go to the local post office.  For a pleasant change this is not the one which is miles out of the way but is the 'right' postcode but one which is actually very easy to get to.  However the concept of me picking up an Amazon parcel there seemed to be a bit of a challenge to them.  The lady at the Post-Office-in-a-Convenience-Store hadn't really come across it.  It took a little time and in the end I had to pick bear up from school holding a large box.  It was mainly socks.  Bear's doting auntie bought him amazingly brilliant stripy socks.  Bear has to wear plain black socks for school, though, and as he has outgrown most of his plain black ones and I've shrunk the rest by defiantly using a tumble dryer it was time for some new ones.

I'm back on antibiotics for my leg.  Also I am very damp.  There has been a lot of weather.  On the bright side I accidentally ended up clearing out a couple of kitchen cupboards.  I will send DH on a charity shop run with some surplus casserole dishes.  I hardly use any of them now, I use the slow cooker instead.

Bear is working out some long multiplication as I type.  He is getting very worked up about it all and enjoying it hugely.  I don't think he is supposed to know this yet, but as he is teaching himself and it isn't me or the tutor I am just letting him get on with it.  It is a little embarrassing that he is working it out with pen, paper and mental arithmetic and I need a calculator, but he is kind to me.

I looked on Wiki Commons for a picture of sums, but was too intimidated so here is a pretty picture of a bluebell wood instead.

It reminds me of the woods near where I grew up, where every May the ground was just carpeted with that gorgeous blue.  It comforts me as I am wholly inadequate to help bear with his sums.

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