Saturday, 25 April 2015

Whapped by a Vulture

We had a trip to the Bird of Prey Centre in Settle.  The vulture got me this time, last time they got DH.  Bear was fine.  Being clipped by a vulture doesn't happen to everyone.  I feel privileged.

Due to driving rain, cold wind and downright tiredness, no photos, so here is a picture of a caracara, one ran between bear's legs to his utter delight.

Bear deserved a treat.  He has been in the Special Book at school for always having something to say about topics.  This could indicate a wide breadth of YouTube videos or a know-it-all.  However he was also awesome at his second fencing lesson and has generally been a good lad.

I have cellulitis again.  I am a bit low.  However I need to get my act together as I have a dozen small pots of herbs that need to be sorted out.  I bid on them, regrettably won them and now I have to work out what to not only with the parsley and the mint but also the curry plant and the fennel.  That should be loads of fun.  The thought of it has really cheered me up!

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  1. If your herbs are in small pots, make sure they get put into larger pots as soon as you can. You could chose a very large pot for the mint unless you want it to take over your garden. Fennel, and parsley like sun, probably so does the curry plant. The mint doesn't care. Let me know what the others are and I'll make some suggestions.