Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Oyez, oyez, oyez

That is what the town crier should say, from the Old French equivalent of 'listen up!'

We went to the Royal Armouries in Leeds with a friend of bear's and we had the most amazing time.  One of the performances was a kids' show of 'King Arthur and the Dragon'.  Bear got called down on to the stage to be the town crier with the proclamation on the stage.  The (really very good) performers were very encouraging.  They didn't need to be.

Bear sauntered onto the stage with his hands in his pockets and looked supremely at ease.  They put a hat and tabard on him and gave him a bell to ring.  Bear was happy to oblige.  He rattled the bell up and down with extreme vigour, yelled a confident 'oh yeaz' (their spelling) and then sauntered off, hands in pocket again.

We had a glorious day, I really recommend a visit there, especially if you take your own sandwiches or buy from the local Tesco Metro.

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