Sunday, 12 April 2015

Words of Wisdom

Christine wrote:

When you're struggling with the sewing machine you can't be shopping :-) It's so tempting though to take the easier route especially if there is no price difference. Just think how proud you'd be once storage cube made and if you go to IKEA you'd probably come back with more than that! Good luck whatever you decide! Christine.


No-one comes out of IKEA without at least an extra £14.72 of stylishly designed, reasonably priced, vaguely useful tat.  I shall go for the sewing.  I have some old duvets, some old sheets and I am considering gluing in thin card for the first attempts.  Mind you, the instructions call for spray adhesive but it is never actually mentioned in the 'step one', 'step two' etc bits so maybe it is for the practice.

Also, some of the fabric in IKEA is awesome.  It would definitely not be safe for me to go there at the moment.  I would really love some of this.

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