Thursday, 9 April 2015

Veg Box

I should have taken a photo.  I just had a very large box with fruit, salad and veggies delivered.  I will need to get a wiggle on to use it all up.  I suspect bear will attack the strawberries, but I will attack the sweet pepper - I love pepper raw!

I also had a portion of smoked fish delivered.  This is a bit awkward as I had planned a second attack on the very large gammon joint but the smoked fish will wait until tomorrow (I hope!) and the gammon is lunch for bear and I, dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

What I should do is sit down and list what was delivered and how I'm going to use it up.  Maybe next week.

Tonight is going to be the cold ham, carrot and parsnip roasted in the remoska for DH and I (bear is currently utterly rejecting although he has loved it in the past), with the HUGE head of broccoli.  Tomorrow is the smoked fish with greens (hopefully they will be fine), carrots and the bag of new potatoes.

There are lots of things in the freezer so I will be using them and looking at swede and parsnip cooked together then mashed with butter and pepper, pasta sauce, salads and when it is cold next week I shall have veggie soup.

Displacing onto housewifery will be a lot less expensive and a lot more use than displacing on to ebay.  I am currently trying to work out what happened to my parcel.  It is allegedly at a local post office.  This post office is miles away, foul to try and reach on a bus, and I am not exactly sure where it is.  I'm even less sure what will be in the parcel, there are a lot of possibilities.

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