Friday, 10 April 2015

Bear is Very Clear

Yesterday I used up an Amazon £25 voucher for some gluten free crispbread that I love.  There were a few pennies over and as my current shopping focus is sewing I picked up a £2.80 pattern of some boy's shorts that is supposed to be really easy and ideal for my first attempt in sewing class with a pattern.  I realised that they were the wrong age as they only went up to age 6 and bear is emphatically 8, but after measuring bear I found he would fit into the largest size.  There is more meat on a butcher's pencil than bear despite his best efforts and he fit into a pair of jeans that were aged 5 a few days ago.

This is the pattern.  It looks very normal to me.

It arrived today and I asked bear if he would like me to make him a pair of shorts.  Bear reacted as if he had been asked to volunteer as a subject for the freestyle disemboweling contest.  He was emphatic.  He ran around the room.  He flopped heavily on the sofa.  He was Very, Very Clear and utterly rejected any sewing input from me.  He isn't even a teenager yet.

I think I will stick to trying to sew bags for a bit.  At least, after the invasion of small boys has ebbed.

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