Sunday, 5 April 2015

I Made a Tube scarf

Here is my tube scarf being modeled by a toy penguin.

And I did it.  I made something with the sewing machine.  It was easy stuff, the main problem I had was turning the dratted thing right side out after I had sewn the ends together.  The principle is that you make a tube, sew the ends together and have a circle of fabric that you can wear casually around your neck.  I used the old duvet that I got from a charity shop and didn't use half of it.  The material had had all the fight washed out of it a long time ago, and was very easy to work with.

I also found that the disappearing pen that I had had such high hopes for after my struggle with tailor's chalk wasn't ideal.  By the time I had finished working out what the heck I should be doing and put the final marks on, the first marks I made had disappeared.  I suppose they're supposed to, but darn it, it wasn't helpful.  I used pins to mark, but I was tempted to use biro.

I am seriously considering making one from fleece for the winter.  If I decide against using any of the fleece I already have, or if I have already used it, I shall pay a visit to IKEA, because as far as I can tell the fleece that is currently selling for £3 will be a brilliant amount of fabric.

Okay, what do I make next...

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