Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Thinking for a Minute

I found this online - 17 Facts about Coca Cola.

It has lots of stain removing tips about using coca cola to clean toilets, carpets, pennies etc.

The thing is, you can clean a toilet with coca cola, but ml for ml you get more value for money with normal toilet cleaner.  I mean, Tesco's limescale remover toilet cleaner costs £1 per bottle (which apparently is £1.34 per litre according to Tesco's maths) and will do a good few washes.  Tesco's 1 litre Coca Cola is £1.49 per litre, and to be honest you would be lucky to get a few goes at the lavatory bowl.

Apparently you can use it to soak burnt pans overnight.  For the sake of argument, let's say you use a whole can of Coca Cola for a mediumish pan.  It's at least 50p in our local shop.  However I've found biological detergent or washing soda fine for this and washing soda crystals are £1 for a kilo in Tescos.  You would need a lot less than half a bag.

It can be used as an insect trap as well, but sugary squash works just was well in a shallow bowl a little way away.

I am not sure about Coca Cola Stripping paint.  I may or may not try that.  I am definitely not in a hurry to try it on blood stains.  All this seems to rely on Coca Cola being a mild acid that works into stuff like carpet stains due to the fizz.  I have a suspicion that the value 17p for two litres lemonade will do as good a job and that quite a lot of the time there is a better way to do it.

But it is not as sensational as 'Coca Cola cleans the connections on your car battery'.  I suspect that vinegar or Dr Pepper would do just as well, but not as sensational.

I am not going to stock my cleaning cupboard with Coca Cola just yet.


  1. What on earth does it do to your 'insides' - ?

  2. You buy the cheapest cola you can get. 45p from Aldi. No point paying over £1 ir will not work any better.