Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bear knows what he likes...

Bear knows what he likes and it wasn't the slow cooked, home made rice pudding, made to include a tin of evaporated milk and lovely and rich that I made yesterday.  DH and I couldn't get enough, but bear found it wanting.  He much prefers the 15p per tin rice pudding from Tesco, sigh.  I gave it him for breakfast (there has to be some nutrition in there, even in a 15p per can rice pudding, right?) and he decided it was sadly inadequate because he had asked for cinnamon and there wasn't enough.  

I am considering my options.  Though I will still be making the home made rice pudding for DH and I - it may cost more but it tasted a lot better!

On the bright side, bear has requested a rice salad tonight.  Actually, what he is after is a large dollop of mayonnaise, a garnish of raisins and a very small garnish of chopped apple, carrot, rice and sweetcorn.  He will not be getting it necessarily in those proportions, but it will go with the fish fingers and plenty left over.  

I will be making some apple cake tonight, I think, because there is a fair chance of bear actually eating it for breakfast and there is a bit more nutrition than the cereal.  I have pitched for porridge, but he says it gives him tummy ache, he has never been a real fan of toast and I just want him to go to school with some fuel in there.  Unfortunately bear has realised this.  Negotiations continue, but I am getting closer and closer to let him go a little hungry for once.  

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