Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I love getting comments.

Morgan - I didn't know that!  I may have a look when I consider flapjacks.  Bear has not been a fan so far, but who knows?

SweetBlondieBlueEyes - I have no idea, but I have to confess to using this conversion site.  Also I have never successfully produced a baked egg custard.  I really should try, both bear and DH adore them.

I'm not exactly sure where this flurry of baking has come from.  Last night we had impossible pie (bear loved it) and bear had the remains of the magic custard cake for breakfast, so I am just about to get the weetabix cake out of the oven.  I can't have any of that, but I am hopeful that bear will enjoy it as a start to the day.  Even using the full ration of sugar, it still can't be worse than a lot of the breakfast cereals on offer!

I just had a quick look at my spices.  I am not a huge stickler for use-by dates, but some of these were use by 2010.  Oops.  I'm restocking with some value stuff and I'll see how that goes.  They were overdue a sort out.  I'll have a quick scan of the herbs, but those get used up a lot quicker.

I had forgotten how much more filling the homemade stuff is, how it fills a hole better.  I'm going to go off and have a look at cake recipes using fruit to see if that will get nutrition into bear.  They can't be worse than the chocolate rubbish he was hoovering up last week.

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  1. I'd love to make a comment but I can't think of anything to say....ha ha, usually you can't shut me up. So I'll just say goodnight.