Monday, 23 February 2015

Plenty of Fish

Somewhere a very nice young man is wondering why he hasn't got any replies to his dating profile.  I am sure that he went to a lot of trouble to work out exactly what to say and what picture to use.  It is a shame he wasn't so careful about the contact email.  Because for some reason, all his message notifications are coming to me.  After previous experiences, everything from Plenty of Fish dating site goes into my spam folder, which went overnight from 42 to 133.  I'd email him, but it would just send a notification back to my spam folder.  It must be very disheartening to put up a profile and get nothing back, not realising that all his notifications are going to a married old biddy who, I suspect, is on a different continent.

Poor lad, I hope he doesn't feel too downcast and finds someone nice soon.

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