Sunday, 15 February 2015

Somebody pass me a Valium

Just before Christmas the washer went.  It had been threatening to go for a while, I was planning its replacement, then bang - washer full of half done uniform.  Then the car went - the accident on Christmas Eve that wrote off a car that had a good few years in it.  I've just got rid of the mini oven, which I miss already, the boiler is eight days from the end of its warranty as I type but the fix of the hot water seems to be holding, and the microwave is looking a bit limp.  Actually the microwave has been on the sick list for a while.  It is managing to heat the cup of milk, jug of beans or bowl of soup which is more or less all I ask of it, but it is not getting any younger.  It was father's when he moved here and wasn't new then.

And now, further indignity, the dratted dishwasher is playing up!  I have run the load three times.  To be fair, the dishwasher seems to be able to cope with the spaghetti traces and the bits of veg, it just seems to come all over faint when it comes to tomato.  A mug that had held tomato soup and has been through the dishwasher three times should not have have its insides still encrusted.  I had to open a new bottle of washing up liquid and while it is effective, it is Fairy, there was a reason it was on Approved Food - it smells like second hand grapefruit.

Regardless, I am off to try and pick up far too much rubbish so that when my brother visits with a new puppy we won't immediately need the vet.


  1. I find with my father's dishwasher that if you don't soak any kind of debris before putting it in the machine, it will bake it on for you during the drying part of the cycle. This happens with cutlery as well as anything else. You may want to make sure anything which goes into your dishwasher has been swilled before you put it for washing. (You may be doing this already so please ignore me!).

  2. I agree with Sarah - everything gets almost washed before it goes debris left to clog up the tiny holes in the arms and the filter. Pain, but does help in the long run. Must get some cleaner for mine as I haven't done that for ages!