Saturday, 21 February 2015


I made impossible pie in the halogen, or tried to.  The top was starting to singe while underneath wasn't cooked.  I'm going to try it again for longer but slower.  There are more expensive things to practice on.  Mind you, if the failure rate of cakes carries on I shall either have to go back to not baking or cave and pay out for a new mini oven.

There is always good stuff.  Here is a picture of the pan which burnt before I did anything

The burnt stuff went right up to the top, because there was a steamer on top (that had a burnt bottom and I scrubbed that).

I poured two litres of cheap diet cola in, left it, and when I tipped it into the sink it looked depressingly similar.  So I got out a scourer and started just rinsing the pan before I started rubbing.  Lumps of black stuff started falling out.  After a bit of a rub with a sponge, not the scourer, it looked like this.

I was very impressed.  However, the two litres of diet cola didn't come up to the top of the pan.  Here is a picture of the tide mark

I've left it soaking in the sink, filled to the top with biological powder in hot water.  I'll let you know how that goes on.  However we can say that diet cola works quite well.

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