Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Expensive Baking

It is strange.  One of the things that people always say when frugality is concerned is that all treats should be home baked.  When compared to the 'Value' treats in the supermarket, the ingredients seem to be a lot of money.  This is especially true when you are using gluten free flour.  I also always get the free range eggs, and that is not inexpensive, though still incredibly good value for their nutrition.

However I have noticed that I am a lot fuller and more satisfied after eating home made treats.  The nutrition is almost certainly better.  I've even got an apple cake cooling, which is a way of getting fruit into bear.

However it is not just the ingredients.  I have already spent £10 on a hand mixer.  Now it looks like my mini oven is on the way out.  It seems to be leaving cakes either scorched or raw.  It was incredibly inexpensive and has served us well, but I've thought it was on the way out for a while.  This means I should rely on the halogen or the gas cooker.  The gas cooker has never been reliable, which is why I got the mini cooker in the first place.  Also, this is going to sound odd, but the halogen is the wrong shape for stuff like fairy cakes or the magic cake, which is in a square pan.  This year I've used the mini oven quite a bit, but the halogen hardly at all.  The gas oven is last resort only.

Bear is enjoying the baking, and this morning had the biggest breakfast he has had all year - two slices of buttered weetabix cake!  It is far better than the three rice crispies, or four cornflakes he has been having.  But if I want to keep baking I really should be getting another mini oven.

I'll concentrate on the gas and halogen ones for now.  Surely they are enough for anyone.

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  1. You are quite right about the home made being more substantial! I can make a lovely GF Victoria Sponge with vegan margerine so that I can eat it, and I costed it out once to about £2 or so. And with about 10 or 12 portions. Compare that with the paltry little sponge I saw in Tesco for about £3.50 which I am sure we could down between us in a couple of mouth fulls! It is shocking what they think that they can get away with. Keep Baking!