Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Rude awakening

5:55am this morning some dratted person started ripping out the kitchen in the room at the back directly attached to my bedroom.  I was awoken by an almighty crash and my guess was that a cupboard was pulled off the wall.  I was unimpressed and I think I may be into my overdraft when it comes to rude words.  At least it didn't wake bear.

I could have done with the extra sleep.  I did manage some light dozing with some very strange dreams, but I was feeling depleted before taking bear to see Dinosaur Zoo.  This is where bear left me mortified by announcing that the huge dinosaur he was petting afterwards 'was just plastic'.

I am still not sure how bear persuaded me to take him to the Works, but we had a great time, spent a fortune and staggered back to the bus.  Do you know how much in weight £9.37 can get you in the Works?  All I know is that it cut off circulation in my shoulder as I staggered out.  On the way bear persuaded me to buy him some blue ice-cream, in this weather!  He also critiqued my fashion sense, refused to accept that I should wear anything with flowers or designed for those under ninety and forbade me to buy a new handbag.  He was absolutely right about the handbag.

I did make a fashion purchase, actually.  Bear encouraged me to buy myself a large, furry, sort of sweater type thing and is currently sitting on the sofa wearing it.  It wasn't dear, was completely unnecessary and I am confident that I'll get the wear out of it - all £16 of it.  It looks a bit like this

But it's in black.  Bear is reluctant to be parted from it.  Just because it was bought for Mum doesn't mean he can't have a cuddle in it.

Tonight is the traditional 'Test the Fire Alarm Tuesday'.  I am sort of braced.  Bear is also sort of braced and I expect DH is resigned to his fate - shoving a broom handle against the fire alarm button while I waft smoke out of the kitchen door.  I'll let you know how I get on with pancakes.  I was rather unsuccessful with the kiwi and banana loaf yesterday so I am not optimistic.

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