Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why, why, why?

I've bid, and won, on a sewing pattern on ebay.  It looks an amazing pattern.  You take seven yards of fabric and gather it into a neckline, as far as I can see.

I got the picture of the sew essentials website, which looks quite good.  The link is here.  I am saving the site and planning to go back there.

Why have I bid on a pattern that looks insanely tough for my very basic skills?  I haven't even got the dratted sewing machine out of the dratted box.  I cannot imagine ever having the courage to wear any of it, and I don't know anyone who would either.

And why am I mad enough to get a pattern that needs seven yards of material that is unlikely to come in at less than £4 per yard when not only will I be completely out of my depth but also unable to use the cheap sheet/duvet cover/pillowcase stash because it is such a particular fabric?  It will cost a fortune to get right.  Where am I going to draft out the pieces - after looking at those gathers the pieces will be enormous.

I know why I have had my mad moment.  Yes, I will love having a go at some point at the dracula nightie, but really it's because father has been refusing medicine and isn't eating enough.  There are worse things to displace with.


  1. Sending hugs, as usual - I can offer no sewing expertise at all as I am absolutely useless at it. I'm sticking to knitting - good luck xx

  2. When you do want to make something I'd recommend Very Easy Vogue, the patterns really are very easy & when made up they resemble an item of clothing. Some 'easy' patterns resemble nothing more than a bin bag when made up!