Thursday, 19 February 2015

What is bear up to?

After his cereal for breakfast - he had cereal without grumbling! - he asked for fruit.  And the cereal was overloaded with sugar but it was this stuff.

No extra sugar or raisins, and he polished it off sharpish before demolishing a mango.  I am planning on baking an apple cake later. He hasn't begged for treats, although he has been drinking the cream soda pop (yeurch!) that a neighbour bought him.

Our neighbours are moving.  I am devastated that Nice Mr Next Door, who has been here for years and his family are going.  They have been an absolute lifeline to us over the all the tough times.  However I can't blame them.  Now their landlord will have to rent the house out to someone who doesn't mind a kitchen with a partial ceiling (some has fallen down) and a leaking bath with no shower.  I imagine that someone renting that will be desperate.

I just don't understand how someone can rent out a property, watch it devalue despite everything due to ongoing lack of maintenance, fail to do basic repairs and expect other human beings to live there.  It isn't fair.  The landlord has had their eye on our home for many years, and I have seen him in action for a while.  The repairs will not be done.  I felt for him when another of his properties had all the copper piping stripped out as I don't see anything wrong with trying to earn a living renting out.  However having seen how he 'repaired' the damage, I am not very confident and a little worried about how it will affect us.  I have given up on the value a long time ago, but the continued damp coming in from adjoining houses worries me.

There is always a bright side.  Nice Mr Next Door will be moving to a bigger, better, nicer house in a state fit for habitation.  That is a really good thing.

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