Friday, 20 February 2015

Cake fail

I made a Romanian Apple cake.  Bear loves it and had the bit that was fit for breakfast.  However, that's the trouble.  I cooked it in the gas oven and the gas oven is not reliable.  Part of the problem was that the mixture was a dark brown due to massive amounts of cinnamon, and also that we could both smell burning.  It turned out it was the carrots for dinner burning, but moving on, it meant that we didn't check the cake properly.  It had been fine cooked when the mini oven was working, but now was desperately soggy in the middle and going dry on the outside.  It was the same baking dish and everything.  Bear had a lot of the outside and loved it.  I've binned the rest.

The dishwasher is still being a bit iffy.  I have been quite meticulous in giving things a good scrape, and I've given it one of those cleaning thingies so I'll keep an eye on things.  Now I am so much better physically, I can wash up more by hand.  I am not so sure about the oven though.

On the bright side, the pan which the carrots burned in is absolutely black, so I have a great chance to try out the cola cleaning.  I've just put two litres of the cheapo cola into it and I will leave it until tomorrow.  I have taken a 'before' picture and I'll post up the results.

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