Thursday 18 October 2018

A Load of Rubbish

The driving lesson went okay today, no casualties and no other drivers wondering what the heck this learner was doing.  I did lose third gear at one point, but stuff happen and I sailed past the roadworks in style.  My poor driving instructor had to come back, though, as I managed to leave my keys in his car!  He gave the same look he gives me when I lose third gear.  I swear the dratted thing hides.

Then I came home to a letter from the council.  Apparently the surface on the road is a health and safety issue for the binmen, so the bins will no longer be collected from outside the house.  Instead we have some designated spots to leave the bins.  So once a fortnight I will be dragging a heavy wheelie bin up this slope. 

I know it isn't that bad.  It's steep enough to allow kids on skateboards and bikes to get an impressive speed when they hit the bottom, and I know that I can't go up the slope at speed, but it's not a mountain and it's only a few yards.  However I am not looking forward to it, especially when it gets icy.  Never mind, I suppose it's good exercise.  It is also an incredibly good incentive to cut down on waste.

Bear has just come home and found the uncomfortable truth that his 'okay to call and text for £27' phone doesn't have enough memory for all his games.  I guess I know what we are getting him for a joint Christmas and Birthday present.  Hopefully he will be a little more careful with any replacement 'nice' phone.

Writing Stuff - I have my first ever Guest Post!  With Rum Recipes!  AF Stewart is an awesome author who has just published the second in her series of Saga of the Outer Islands, called Souls of the Dark Sea.  It is a fantasy setting with pirates and she has kindly drafted a post for my blog which gives a little background - and rum recipes!  Check it out here.  31 Days of Halloween continues with a book spotlight on 'Instinct' by Anna Hub


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