Friday, 26 October 2018


I am writing this half asleep, so please forgive any errors.

Today bear went to the dentist.  He has an abscess and needs to have the baby tooth out.  Bear is not entirely comfortable with the whole thing.  It's complicated because while the teeth are coming through in the right order, they are very slow coming through and he is a year or more behind.  The dentist was amazing and explained everything, but it was still tough on bear.  We are going back in a week or so.

Fortunately I had booked tickets for a spooky Halloween thingy at the Royal Armouries.  I wish I had thought to take a pic of bear wearing a white lab coat as an agent of F.A.R.T. (Fantasm and Apparition Research Team - it was aimed at the younger kids).  He looked so amazing.  As all the kids gathered at the front I could see him eyeing up all the options and trying to spot the gimmicks.  The people running it were amazing.  We got chased by a suit of armour, threatened by cavaliers and courtiers, and generally spooked out of our senses with plenty of jokes thrown in!  It was great, and well worth the total of £8.50 for me, DH and bear to enjoy the fooling around.

Writing stuff - Today's entry in 31 days of Halloween by Timothy Bateson is a book spotlight on his book, Wolves in the Desert.  There are only five days left of this marathon and I have to give credit to Timothy Bateson for pulling it together. 


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